There is always ‘meat’ behind of flavor classics which spread from Central Asia to Anatolia, from mainland Turkey to world. 

Nobody would know the occurring of the beginning of a mass cuisine culture when the meat, accompanies to nomadic culture of Turks, meets with various kinds of flavor of Anatolia. 
Today, hundreds of kebab and meat meal, situated in our food and cuisine culture which have ‘Meat Field’ in Ottoman, ‘Bazaar of Kebabs’ in Bursa, are offered to the taste of world cuisine in the skillful hands of chiefs.

ETÇİİ, provides the contribution of totally new meat to taste map of Turkish and World Cuisine wit much more qualified, healthy and confident meat varieties.

Providing customer satisfaction with right delivery on time, solution oriented quick judgements, continuous and standard quality, experienced staff in the sector and efficient order tracking system is our fundamental philosophy.

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